Saturday, May 24, 2014

Week 32: No More Packets!!!

Most Interesting Part of Class: Well there aren't any cause all we did was read packets.

Most Boring/Useless Part of Class: THE PACKETS!!!!!!

Hardest I Laughed in Class: I can't remember over all the dull packets

Favorite Memory: Not reading packets, but that never happened

Best Thing About Hudson as the Teacher: That she didn't give us any more packets

Things Hudson Could Do To Make This Class Better for Future Classes: less packets

Final Comments for Hudson:
Most of the above was a farce, but there was quite a few packets. So many packets that the English part of my folder is ripped from all of them. I would have to say that the most interesting part of class was A. either finding the most awesomest places to partake in R&R or B. giving birth to Charlie in the computer lab. The most boring part stays the same. Hardest I laughed in Class would probably have to be anytime that you, Ms. Hudson, laughed because it's really hard not to laugh when you do. My favorite memory would have to be when Stone and Jesse both broke the book shelves. The best thing about Hudson as the teacher would have to be either the laugh, the accent, or just the pure awesomeness. How to make the class better for the future? Well if there was some way you could incorporate Mr. Fahs into the class periods, maybe on Wednesdays since we don't do anything in beginning, where we all gathered in a circle around him while he read a literary work of his choice, or sang, or danced, or did something entertaining. We could call it Wednesdays with the Wizard.

Week 30: Congrats Kimye!!

If I had all the luck in the world and everything I tried I was successful in, then I would contact Kanye West and ask him to be friends. Since, I can't fail he would have to say yes. Then, I would ask to be his best man when he gets married (which actually happened today!!!). So, I would invent a time machine and do this all over before he gets married and then I would get a contract with Bulls for 30 years for $14 million a year because I'm that good. Then I would enter a dunk contest and be able to throw it down mostly because of skill with a little bit of luck. Finally, when after the day is over I wouldn't need luck for the rest of my life, except to maybe get a wife!

Week 31: Get Ready Young Bloods

Well young bloods, first off, enjoy yourselves, have fun, and don't try anything stupid. Most of all, everyone should go out for basketball! Because one, it's a great way to support our school. Two, you can get or stay in shape. Three, you get to make fun of Mr. Fahs as much as you want! Four, you get to hang out with your friends everyday right after school! Five, you get a new pair of shoes! Six, you get to check out all the cheerleaders! Seven, you will get to feel like the coolest dude when you run out on the floor and everyone is clapping and cheering. Eight, I plan on breaking the losing streak this year and if you play you get to be on the team that changed everything. Nine, if you are really good at shooting three pointers you will get to go on a broad trip at the end of the year with Mr. Fahs and make fun of him even more! Then if you stop at Steak N' Shake you get to embarrass him in front of the waitress! Ten, you get to be part of a team, which to me is a very important thing. You make a commitment to be there for your teammates no matter what; it's almost like a second a family and I like that.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Week 29: Egac Salohcin

Well, if Nicholas Cage showed up to school, first I would make him autograph everything i had with me. Then, I would ask him to repeat whatever he just said because I would be in too much shock to comprehend the first time. Finally, when I realize that he is asking me to go on a treasure hunt with him I would go home and get all of my treasure hunting gear. I would agree to help him, only if he would let me drive and since he needs my help of course he would let me. Then, since I'm so amazing I would look at his map and take us directly to the hidden treasure and if he didn't give me half the treasure I would hog tie him and put him in the empty treasure chest and bury him.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Week 28: The Giant Kansas Snow Ball

In Kansas, if two trains meet on the same track, neither shall proceed until the other has passed. I would like to know how exactly any train gets anywhere because if they have to wait for the other one to move then eventually there would be a giant train pileup and all the passengers would be very upset. Then the upset passengers would contact the train agencies and then the bosses would want to know what's going on and then there would be even more traffic when they arrive and then no one would get anywhere and any agricultural goods on the trains would be stuck there and then people would start starving. Pretty much it would just cause a giant snowball effect and nothing would ever get done.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Week 27: See You In My Nightmare

I don't know if i have a "favorite mistake," but there is one thing that comes to mind when I think of the word "mistake". There once was a girl in my life, who I am happy to say has no part in it anymore, that I loved to the moon and back. Then one day, she decided to leave me all alone, but I had never felt feelings for anyone else the way I had for her, so I refused to move on. That was the mistake that I was hinting to. Anyways, I decided to talk to her again and I even bought her a giant panda and her favorite food for Valentine's Day, my first actual Valentine. Then, ten days later, she decided to call it quits and started seeing some other boy the very next day. What did I learned from this? Don't give love second chances, love is overrated, anything forced is fake, and never trust girls, especially with your heart.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Week 26: Save the Bunny, Save the World

I would use my Irish family genes to infiltrate their base and during the first week, every single leprechaun would like me so much that they would let me do whatever I want, even taking money from the treasure at the end of the rainbows, which is also where their secret base is. Then, that very weekend I would brake the Easter bunny out of the clover prison cell and we would ride unicorns over the rainbow back in to the realm of man and bunnies. Then I would hold him for ransom for one hundred million easter eggs full of gummy candy and quarters.